Thursday, August 14, 2008

Wylie numbers and the two peaks of ripeness

Yesterday evening, the first full set of pre-harvest numbers were run. Wylie , AKA Rome, Vineyard is currently our only vineyard north of the American river in the foothills. We will have another one coming online in a few years.

The site is incredible - at the top of the hill with a great view. On clear days, one can see both Mount Diablo and the snowcapped Sierras.

The fruit tastes great. Skins are softening, seeds are browning, pulp is pulling away from the skin. No dimpling yet. Initial numbers from a refractometer in the field showed the fruit to be getting close.

A second set of numbers and more tasting showed great flavor development but almost a deficit of sugar. Potential alcohol is roughly 11 - 11.5% (This might be a first in California.) We will likely pick it the first week in September hopefully with a potential alcohol of 13.5%

For the record, the numbers, after a 24 hour soak on the skins, were:
Brix - 19.7 on hydrometer, 17.8 on refractometer
PH 3.31
TA 7.9

Why don't you make Wylie-Fenaughty like Edmunds St. Johns?
Is the pH a tad high considering the level of sugar ripeness? Or does/did it not climb much further?
It was high for the vineyard but didn't climb that much.

Often Syrah has high PH...
Kinda half-igured that's why the grape produces such a wide range of styles, susceptible to terroir...
I take it you've brought it in by now?
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